Old Testament: [19] Book of Obadiah

The book of Obadiah is one of the shortest books in the Old Testament, containing only one chapter with 21 verses. Despite its brevity, however, the book is rich in theological and historical significance. It is one of the twelve minor prophets and is placed in the Old Testament canon between Amos and Jonah.

The book of Obadiah is primarily concerned with the judgment of God upon the nation of Edom. Edom was a neighboring nation to Judah, and the two nations had a complicated history. Edom was the descendants of Esau, the brother of Jacob, who later became Israel. Throughout the centuries, the Edomites and Israelites had conflict and competition, which eventually led to Edom’s enmity towards Israel.

The book of Obadiah begins with a message from the Lord concerning Edom. The Lord speaks through the prophet Obadiah, announcing that he has “made Edom small among the nations” and that their pride has deceived them. Despite their arrogance and sense of security, the Lord will bring them down and make them vulnerable to their enemies.

The central message of the book of Obadiah is that the Lord will judge the nations, and justice will be served. The Lord will repay Edom for their violence against their brother Jacob, their treacherous behavior towards Judah, and their prideful attitude towards God. In verse 15, the Lord promises to “bring down the pride of the mighty” and to “make them like dust.”

The book of Obadiah also contains a message of hope for the nation of Judah. Despite the Edomites’ oppression and the nations’ rejection of Judah, the Lord will restore his people and establish his kingdom on earth. In verse 21, Obadiah prophesies that the “kingdom shall be the Lord’s.”

The book of Obadiah is essential for understanding the character of God and his relationship with his people. It shows us that God is a just God who will not tolerate evil and injustice. It also demonstrates that the Lord is faithful to his promises and will bring about his kingdom despite the opposition and setbacks that his people may face.

In conclusion, the book of Obadiah is a brief but powerful prophetic book that reveals the justice and faithfulness of God. Its message is relevant even today, reminding us that God will judge the nations and establish his kingdom on earth. It also challenges us to examine our attitudes towards pride and our relationship with our neighbors, reminding us that we are called to love our enemies and to seek peace with all people.

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